• Batch Vacuum Fryer

    Batch Vacuum Fryer

    Vacuum frying machine can be used for dewatering of various vegetables, fruits and other products. Our vacuum frying equipment adopts Dutch technology, as well as many years of aerospace processing quality. Thus, the stability and reliability of equipment operation are guaranteed.

  • Lab scale vacuum fryer for snacks VF10TS

    Lab scale vacuum fryer for snacks VF10TS

    VF10TS Type vacuum fryer for laboratory, batch type, fry and centrifuge in one, side-open vacuum fryer. It’s suitable for many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Vacuum Fryer allows the moisture inside food materials to be removed under high vacuum and low temperature. The device can be used for all types of food materials, and the high-vacuum, low-temperature frying preserves the original taste of the ingredients. The cooking process is safer as the device does not change the physical properties of the ingredients, which commonly occurs when frying at a high temperature. This vacuum fryer adopts Dutch technology with more than 20 years experience.

  • Continuous Vacuum Fryer

    Continuous Vacuum Fryer

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