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Workshop display of vacuum freeze dryer

We have CNC processing workshop, structural parts processing workshop and assembly test workshop.

CNC processing workshop equipment include a variety of nc processing equipment, is the main processing center, freeze-drying equipment parts.

CNC 800X600.jpg

The welding of all structural parts, such as heating plate and trap, is completed in this workshop below.


The assembly test of the heating panel, the assembly of the heating plates and cold traps in the drying chamber, and the pressure and vacuum test are all completed in this workshop.


The tray design of professional processing center, can according to the customer to provide the size and material requirements of the order processing, all the tray mold stamping molding, the processing of edge and Angle, the surface of the protective treatment is done in this workshop.

tray manufacturing 800x600.jpg

Professional factory is used for professional processing, so as to provide reliable professional equipment for customers.

Vacuum fryer workshop.jpg

This work shop is for vacuum fryer manufacturing, we have different models vacuum fryer, include lab type, industrial commerical type, batch type, continuous type, etc.


Freeze drying chambers manufacturing display

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