Shenyang Aerospace Xinyang Quick Freezing Euipment Manuf.Co.,Ltd. Annual summary

Time flies! 2021 has passes quietly. We have ushered in a new year 2022. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, our company held the companys annual meeting in January 2022 to comprehensively summarize the sales performances, installation and operation of our freeze-drying equipment.

 Freeze drying equipment

In todays world, under the theme of health and convenience, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, the freeze-dried food processed by food freeze-drying technology is trusted by more and more consumers because it can effectively retain the original nutritional components of food and is convenient, healthy and nutritious food in the future, which is also a new outlet for the freeze-dried food industry. In the past 2021, our companys sales performances of freeze-drying equipment has made remarkable achievements, with the increase of more than 2 times compared with the sales performances of freeze-drying equipment in 2020. Which is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of Aerospace Xinyang Quick Freezing equipment Manufacturing CO.,Ltd. In addition, in 2021, we also expanded a new freeze-drying market---in North America and Australia, such as the freeze-drying processing of vegetables and fruits, especially pet food. Our freeze-drying equipment has won the trust of many countries and customers with its high-end quality and reasonable price.

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 At the beginning of the new year, we will continue to work hard, continue to improve the quality of our freeze-drying equipment, continue to expand new freeze-drying market, and improve after-sale service for freeze-drying equipment. At the same time, we will try our best to improve technical support for freeze-drying equipment for new and old customers through return visits to customers, with customers trust and support for our freeze-drying equipment with our sincere service and further deepen cooperation in field of freeze-drying. In the process of continue to find the shortcomings of freeze-drying equipment, put forward and improve it. Innovation is always on the road. Customers satisfaction will be the inexhaustible driving force for all employees of our Quick Freezing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. We believe that Shenyang Aerospace Xinyang Quick Freezing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Will continue to give back to new and old customers with its exquisite freeze-drying quality, patient after-sales service and perfect after-sales experience. We will continue to improve the quality of freeze-drying equipment. 

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Finally, we wish the company sales performance in the new year is booming and wish you have a happy New Year!

Freeze drying equipment

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