How to select a right freeze dryer?

No home or kitchen freeze dryer to freeze dry food, low prices are always attracting customer's attention. Obviously, the reason for the low price is the source of backward technology and poor quality. No supplier will lose money to do business. Now the most inquiries are a family-style freeze-drying machine or in-situ machine. Since this machine does not have a separate cold trap to freeze the water vapor in the product sublimation process, the vacuum pump oil will emulsify in a short time. , The user needs to frequently replace the vacuum pump oil. In order to reduce the cost as much as possible at the beginning of the design of other freeze dryers, the configuration of compressors, vacuum pumps and cold traps is minimized, which ultimately results in low equipment output, particularly long production cycles, and relatively high production costs. Therefore, before finally deciding to purchase a freeze dryer, you must conduct detailed market research and comparison to make a correct judgment.

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