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  • 3 sets of LG-200 freeze drying machine were successfully sent to the United States

3 sets of LG-200 freeze drying machine were successfully sent to the United States

On September 27, 2022, the three LG200 freeze -drying equipment developed and produced by our company were successfully sent to the United States for freeze-dried food。

What is Freeze Drying?

When the water in food is frozen to freeze first, and put it in the low temperature and low pressure below the three phases of solid state, gaseous, and liquid, the necessary sublimation heat will be transformed from solid ice directly to the solid ice to Dedicated by the steam pressure, the water is discharged from food to achieve the purpose of food dehydration. This dehydration technology is called frozen drying technology. Foods processed with this technology are called frozen -dried foods, and FDF is used internationally.

Advantages of Frozen Dried Food

1.  Nutritional ingredients are basically unchanged

2. Form is basically unchanged

3. Basically unchanged color

4. Fragrance is basically unchanged

5. The quality of solids is basically not lost, Extremely compound water, easy to eat

6. Easy to save, long shelf life

How does Freeze Drying Work?

Freeze Drying occurs in four phases:

Previous treatment, freeze, sublimation and dryness, packaging

Phase before processing:

If the ingredients are solid, wash, peel, mold, etc.

If the ingredients are liquid, sterilize and concentrate

Frozen stage:

Frozen is divided into two methods: self -frozen and pre -frozen, but it is no longer adopted because of the poor quality of self -freezing and drying. The pre -frozen method is to freeze the food with a freezing device before sublimating and drying. Its freezing device can be outside the drying chamber or inside the drying chamber. In order to improve production efficiency, it is usually frozen outside the drying chamber.

Sublimation and dryness:

The sublimation and dryness are performed in a closed vacuum container. In order to complete the sublimation, the heat of sublimation must be supplemented, and the heat is adjusted in time to control the temperature below the frozen layer to ensure that it will not melt.

Packaging stage:

Frozen -dried foods must be packed properly. The packaging area should control the temperature environment to prevent wetting and oxidation. Packaging materials should not be transparent, non -breathable, can avoid light, and have a certain mechanical strength. In order to balance external pressure to prevent crushing, nitrogen can be filled in the bag.

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