• Belt Quick Freezer

Belt Quick Freezer


Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :Within 3 Months

Supply capacity :100 Sets

JS Series Food Quick Freezing Equipment

JS series plate belt type quick-freezing equipment uses stainless steel plate as transfer belt, marine products such as headless shrimp, scallop etc., which are to be frozen being placed on belt, having feeding materials quickly frozen to be a single type through side cold air blowing. This series of equipments mainly process marine products. The range of freezing time is adjustable from 10-100 minutes.


Component name:

1.      Front device

2.      Transfer plate belt

3.      Cleaning device

4.      Thermal insulation board

5.      Air cooling device

6.      Evaporator

7.      Rear device


Main Tech. Para. for JS Series Food Quick-Freezing Equipment

Input capacity

Output kg/h300headless shrimp200-250headless shrimp500-550headless shrimp
Feeding temp. ℃101010
Outfeeding temp. ℃-18-18-18
Cycle cold air tem. without loading ℃-35±2-35±2-35±2
Installed power (kw)10.510.116.2
Dimension of quick freezing room (LxWxH) m12.6x2.5x1.910.8x2.5x1.91.8x2.5x1.9
Overall length for quick freezing device (m)15.914.121.3
Refrigerate capacity (t。=-40℃) kw10582135
FeaturesAluminium evaporator, additional thermal insulation foundation is unnecessary.



Packaging and Delivery


Company Profile

Shenyang Aerospace Xinyang Quick freezing Equip. Manuf. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, a leading enterprise incorporating the research, manufacturing, sales and services of food processing equipment and freezing technology. Freeze drying equipment and IQF freezing equipment are widely used around the world.

Our team have supported over 1,500 food engineering projects both domestically and abroad, our products have been exported to USA, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Chile, Nigeria etc. 

Over 30 years’ experience make us expertise in the food processing equipment manufacture, and we’re confidence to provide you with high quality products and also good serve.

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Shenyang Aero Space Xinyang Quick Freezing Equip. Manuf. Co., Ltd.

Address: No.18-5, Yaoyang Road, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Shenyang, China.
Tel: +86-24-86525079   Fax: +86-24-86520145    www.xysudong.com

What are the advantages of freeze-dried products?
1. Freeze-dried products retain their natural taste, aroma and colour without losing their nutritional value; 2. Freeze dried products do not contain any preservatives; 3. The elimination of water from the primary product significantly reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria; 4. Freeze-dried products are light, easy to transport and have a long shelf life....more
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