Why store frozen -dried foods

If you ask what you have learned in the epidemic, it must be remembered to store foods. In this uncertain time, all aspects of travel, entertainment, shopping, and life are restricted, so you need to store enough materials to prepare from time to time.

Why store frozen dried foods instead of other types of food

First of all, it has a long shelf life, can store 25 +, and ensure that nutrients will not lose.  If you need it, you only need to add water, frozen -dried foods can restore its original color, shape, and texture. These are other products cannot be done (even dehydrated food, it has destroyed the structure of the product and cannot restore food Original)

Secondly, There is no need additional special conditions to maintain foods.

It can be saved at room temperature, and more precisely, it can be saved under extreme temperature. Like the common frozen products or canned products in our daily life, there are certain requirements for temperature.

Finally, easy to eat. Even if you are not a cooking expert, you can make delicious food. For example, frozen -dried vegetables and frozen soups can be made with fragrant and nutritious soup.

Freeze dried food

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