What is freeze dried ice cream

Ice cream is a dessert that we like very much in daily life. The dense taste and charming aroma make us love it. But because of the harsh preservation conditions of ice cream, today we will know a new method of ice cream -frozen dried ice cream.

Freeze dried food

Freeze-dried ice cream that has had most of the water removed from it by a freeze-drying process, Compared to regular ice cream, it can be kept at room temperature without melting,it is dry and more brittle and rigid, The ice cream is first placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until any remaining water crystallizes. The air pressure is then lowered below water's triple point, forcing air out of the chamber; next heat is applied, sublimating the ice; finally a freezing coil traps and turn the vaporized water into ice. This process continues for hours, resulting in a freeze-dried ice cream slice.

As we all know, freeze drying helps to preserve nutrition, freeze dried ice cream keeps totally intact but without the water, As you eat the crunchy pieces of ice cream, it melts in your mouth and becomes a creamy yumminess.

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