What is differences between Freeze drying and Dehydrating

As we all known, for long-term food storage, freeze drying and dehydrating are two ways, but what is difference between Freeze drying and Dehydrating , Let's find out a little more about these two machines.

Freeze Drying, full name of Vacuum Freeze Drying, also known as Sublimation Drying, is to freeze the dried liquid material into a solid, and a method of dehydrating materials at low temperature to achieve the purpose of drying under the condition of low temperature and reduced pressure.

Dehydrating is an easy, cost-effective way of preserving food that’s been applied for thousands of years, meat and fruit were dehydrated by being sliced very thinly and then left to dry out in the heat of the sun.

There are four parts that they are differences: .

For moisture Freeze drying will remove up to 99%, dehydrating will usually take around 70% of the moisture away.

For appearance: Freeze dried food generally looks like a smaller version of its original self. Dehydrated food , however, appears squished and shriveled.

For weight: Freeze dried food weighs a lot less than dehydrated food, it is important for people who want to go out for a long time, it is easy to carry.

For Nutrition: The vast majority of vitamins and minerals remain unchanged from their original state, on the other hand, Dehydrating food decrease vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and C.

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