What exactly is "freeze-dried"?

"FD freeze-drying technology", the full name of "vacuum freeze-drying technology", is a very popular foreign food freeze dried  method.

freeze dried

Freeze-drying technology uses ultra-low temperatures for dehydration. First, the food is frozen at sub-zero temperatures, at which time the internal moisture changes from liquid to solid. 

It is then placed in a vacuum environment. The sharp change in air pressure causes the solid water to directly sublime into a gaseous state, thereby being separated from the food. 

The entire freeze-drying process is carried out in a low-temperature and low-pressure environment, so it will not cause active substances such as proteins to denature and lose their vitality like the high-temperature drying process, nor will it cause oxidation reactions due to the combination of food and oxygen in the air like the air-drying process.

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The domestic freeze-dried food production industry has been developing for some years. It was not until consumption upgraded in recent years that people began to pay attention to the health and quality of food, and various freeze-dried foods and food freeze dryer were slowly promoted in the market.

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freeze dried

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