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The content of marine organisms is extremely rich, which can provide huge dietary resources for human beings. Marine organisms are rich in nutrition, which can enhance human immunity and improve human disease resistance. Nowadays, most seafood products are made by heating, which not only seriously destroys the nutritional structure and nutrients in organisms, but also affects the taste. In this case, the freeze-dried seafood produced by freeze-drying technology is favored by consumers because of its nutrition and convenience.

Use our company LG1.0 series experimental small freeze-drying machine produces freeze-dried seafood products freeze drying process

Raw material selection, cleaning, peeling, pre-freezing, vacuum freeze-drying, selection and packaging of finished products

freeze drying equipment

1. The organizational structure and appearance of raw materials are preserved

2. Dehydration is complete and easy to store for a long time

3. Because the drying is carried out at a very low temperature, the air is basically isolated, the nutrients and active substances of the raw materials are fully preserved, and the natural color and smell of the raw materials are better preserved.

freeze dryer

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