Lyophilizer continuous to be exported in 2020

The lyophilizer continuous to be exported in 2020

During the period of covid-19, the lyophilizer was not affected by the epidemic and continued to be exported, making a good start for the company's equipment export in 2020.lyophilizer

As the drafting unit of food freeze-drying equipment industry

As the drafting unit of food freeze-drying equipment industry, our company has been deeply trusted by foreign customers since 2003, and many sets of large and medium-sized freeze-drying equipment have been exported to many countries.

Lyophilization machine

Eat more freeze-dried foods to improve your immunity

Human progress lies in more continuous learning and creation, but one's own health is the guarantee and premise. Faced with a wide variety of foods, choosing a reasonable meal is more conducive to health, so it is necessary to eat as many freeze-dried foods as possible.

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How to operate Xinyang freeze dryer?

Xinyang engineer will guide installation and train operators on site at customer's factory, engineer will teach operation team how to control and operate freeze dryer, they will teach how to find the better solution of freeze drying processing for a new product.

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