Lab scale freeze dryer LG1.0 is ready for shipment to Hungary

Lab scale vacuum freeze dryer LG1.0

This pilot lab scale freeze dryer is designed and built for Hungarian customer, they use it to research food processing and sample test. Especially for instant noodles seasoning, char siu pork, some prepared food freeze-dried process research and development。

Many customers choose this model freeze drying machine for lab using, we have some models of pilot lyophilisation machine, include LG0.2, LG1.0, LG1.5, etc.

The first step is freezing product in air blast freezer, Freeze dryer unit include air blast freezer. 

The second step is freeze drying processing.

After the core temperature of product reach -25 degree celsius in air blast freezer, it means that it is ready for freeze drying, then you can take trays with product into drying chamber of freeze dryer, when all parameters were setup in HMI, start freeze drying process.

freeze dryer

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