How much do you know about “freeze drying?”

In recent years, many emerging foods and technologies have gradually entered the public eye, providing convenience and more choices for our lives, and also enriching our dining table. Today, let’s talk with you about what freeze-drying technology is? What are its characteristics? What are the applications of freeze-drying technology? What is frozen drying technology?

What is freeze-drying technology?

Freeze-drying technology, also known as vacuum freeze-drying technology, is to pre-freeze food with high water content, so that the water in it is frozen into a solid, and the water in it is directly sublimated to a gaseous state under vacuum conditions, which is different from the traditional technology of dehydration by heating and drying at room temperature. Freeze-drying technology was initially used in the development of space food, aiming to provide astronauts with safe, convenient, fresh and nutritious food in outer space.

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What are the characteristics of freeze-dried food?

Freeze-dried food, also known as FD food, can retain the original ingredients, taste, color, etc, of the food to the greatest extent, and the nutrient loss rate is low. It also inhibits bacteria and prevents spoilage, while reducing the weight of food and making it easier to store and transport

Freeze-dried food

Application of frozen dried technology

Freeze-drying technology is commonly used in food, such as vegetable packs and diced meat in instant food; freeze-dried fruit; instant dry powder made from milk, soy milk, etc. In addition, freeze-dried powder in the pharmaceutical field; freeze-dried plasma in the medical field ,Freeze-dried masks, freeze-dried balls in cosmetics, it can be seen that freeze-drying technology is widely used in life and industrial development. Freeze-drying technology does have many advantages, but affected by the production process, the price of freeze-dried food is relatively high.

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