Freeze- dried Yogurt

Yogurt is a popular dairy product with many health advantages. Although milk’s nutritious benefit is well-recognized, normal milk that has been taken directly from the cow has a short shelf life.

 Freeze- dried Yogurt

Freeze-dried yogurt bites make it easy and convenient to enjoy snacks the healthy way. You can choose to eat it directly, or you can choose to stir the yogurt, oatmeal, and yogurt together as breakfast, simple, fast and nutritious.

 Freeze-dried food

Freeze dried yogurt bites retains its probiotics and nutritional value in cube bite-size. Freeze dried technology the most advanced and efficient ways of food preservation used in aerospace, enjoying this snack just like an astronaut. 

freeze dryer

If properly preserved, freeze-dried dairy products can survive up to 25 years or more.

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