Freeze dried porridge

Yesterday is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, considered the coldest day of the year. It is also a unique traditional festival in China - the Laba Festival. Happy Laba Festival to you all!

 Laba Festival

The two most important traditions associated with Laba Festival are: Eating Laba porridge, and praying for peace and good health in the coming year.

 Laba porridge

On Laba Festival, the two most important traditions are drinking Laba porridge and praying for a safe new year.

In addition to making Laba porridge at home, freeze-dried Laba porridge produced by freeze dryer is also a good choice. When you are too lazy to cook, you can open a cup of freeze-dried porridge produced by freeze dryer and enjoy it in a few minutes. It is convenient and delicious.

freeze-dried Laba porridge

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