Freeze-dried Pear With Tremella Soup

Regardless of the four seasons, pear and tremella are loved by people,not only for its excellent taste, but also for its benefits to human health. Usually pears look sweeter than apples, although they contain less sugar.

Pears are one of the most high-fiber fruits – they have a good effect on digestion, helping the body expel toxins and fluids and creating a favorable soil for good intestinal bacteria or probiotics.

Freeze dried food

Pear with tremella soup is a home-made dessert made of pear and tremella, which is a healthy food for health and beauty。

Freeze dryer

The freeze -dried Pear and Tremella can be eaten directly, or put it in a bowl, and directly add the water. The cool and relieved pear with tremella soup is completed.

freeze drying machine

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