Freeze-dried mango

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world and they're also the easiest to get in our life. There are many ways to eat mango, whether it's fresh, frozen, or even canned, it doesn't mess up the mangos. In our daily life, the most common is mango tablets, but have you eaten freeze-dried mango?

Freeze-dried mango

What is freeze-dried mango?

We heard about many methods to make food include air drying, sun drying, and dehydrating. But freeze drying works by removing all of the moisture from the food, which allows it to retain its shape and texture. That we talked a lot before. Final products looks and tastes just as good as the original, but without any of the water content.

freeze dryer for mango

What are the benefits of freeze dried mango?

It's an excellent alternative to fresh mango, especially when you're looking for something tasty to munch on while go for a walk or hiking. Meanwhile,it's highly portable, easy to store, and very convenient to eat.

Vacuum freeze drying machine for fruit

What are uses for freeze dried mango?

Aside from creating delicious desserts, you can also use freeze dried mango to make a refreshing drink, or you can try adding it to yogurt, or in any others if you want.

Freeze-dried mango

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