Freeze Dried Honey Into Power

What is freeze dried Honey?

Some honey powder is literally dehydrated. Raw honey freeze drying until all the moisture has evaporated .After that, it’s ground into a fine powder, like crystals, or broken into shards.


What is the role of dehydrated honey?

Powdering the honey makes it more versatile.

Honey tastes good in any food you want to sweeten. It sweetens whatever you add it to, it won’t caramelise or add chewiness.


Why use freeze dried honey?                                                                           

Freeze dried honey is an excellent alternative to refined sugar. Because it contains many vitamins and minerals. Honey has nutrients in it.

Moreover, Freeze dried honey power keeps for a long time. As long as the environment keeps dry, it can keep it all the time

A little bit goes a long way. You don’t use nearly as much to get the sweet punch you need as you would other sweeteners, You can keep the taste at a little bit.

Of course, frozen -dried honey is not an easy task. The liquid is easy to flow, the density is high, and the material of the disk requires food grade. Therefore, the requirements for frozen drying equipment are extremely strict.

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