Freeze Dried Fruits--- Kiwi

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and sufficient potassium. These nutrients are very helpful for skin care and improvement of skin condition. The calories and fat content in kiwi are very low. Eating kiwi can not only meet the human body's needs for carbohydrates, but also consume less fat. It is a good product for weight loss. After the freeze -dried kiwi, the natural flavor, color and nutritional ingredients are maintained, but also their natural fruit aroma.

Laboratory-scale lyophilization equipment

Shenyang Aero Space Xinyang Freeze Drying Equipment has the following advantages:

1.Maintain a natural flavor and nutrition: Freeze dried kiwi tastes sweet and sour, retaining its natural fruit aroma.

2.Long -term preservation: Freeze dried kiwi results can be stored for a long time without losing taste and nutritional value, which is convenient for long -distance transportation and storage.

Food freeze dryer

3.Light and easy to carry: The freeze dried kiwi becomes lightweight after dehydration and easy to carry. Whether it is outdoor sports, hiking or office snacks, freeze drying is an ideal choice, because they do not take up too much space and weigh lighter.

Tray-style freeze dryer

4.Easy to eat: No need to peel or treat it, you can immediately enjoy the delicious kiwi.

5.Maintain nutrition and taste: Special technology is used in the process of Aero Space Xinyang freeze dryer the process of freeze dried kiwi, which can effectively maintain the nutritional ingredients and taste of kiwi.

Laboratory-scale lyophilization equipment

Made from fresh, ripe kiwis that have been carefully freeze-dried to preserve their natural flavor and nutrients, these tangy and sweet slices make for a mouth-watering snack that's perfect for any time of day. Freeze -dried kiwi slices produced by Shenyang Aero Space Xinyang are light, crunchy, and bursting with natural kiwi flavor.

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