Freeze-dried fruit radish

Good morning everybody! It's been a long time. The product we introduce today is-freeze-dried fruit radish.

Fruit radish has a certain health effect on health, high nutritional value, and many people like to eat it.

freeze dryer

Fruit radish contains very rich anti -inflammatory sterilization effects, coupled with appropriate amount of intake of such nutrients, can enhance human body resistance, effectively prevent and resist the occurrence of diseases.

freeze-dried food

How to eat freeze fruit radish?

1. The most common method is to open the bag and eat it, which is very convenient.

2. You can also add freeze-dried fruit radish to bananas and pineapples, add an appropriate amount of yogurt or salad sauce to make fruit salads, taste delicious and nutritious.

Freeze -dried fruits radish can be used to cook soup

1.Freeze-dried fruit radish are more sweet and delicious than ordinary carrots. It is used to cook soup and delicious taste. The taste is delicate.

Freeze-dried fruit radish

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