Freeze-dried coffee

Coffee has the function of promoting metabolism, refreshing and helping digestion. Many young people drink coffee to refresh themselves because they often stay up late and work overtime. The variety of coffee in life is more, different varieties of operation is not the same, such as the current popular is freeze-dried coffee, to understand the method of use, the following together to see how to make freeze-dried coffee?

Freeze-dried coffee

1. Freeze-dried coffee is placed in hot water and hydrated. After hydration, it can be used just like any other brewed coffee.

2. Freeze-dried coffee can be brewed in specially brewed coffee containers. The general manual contains instructions on how to use coffee, so you can understand the problem before using it. Pay attention to the time of coffee when you use it. It can be used 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal to aid digestion.

 Freeze drying machine

Freeze-dried coffee offers the following advantages

1. Because the drying process is carried out at low temperature and high vacuum, the aromatic materials with strong thermal sensitivity can be retained, so rich aroma, pure taste.

freeze dryer

2. The interior of the freeze-dried coffee particles is filled with tiny pores left by water vapor escaping, which are similar to sponges and therefore very fast-soluble.

3. The drying process does not change the shape of the particles, so the coffee particles remain frozen, broken and clear small diamond angle gravel pack, no crack, no shrinkage, no surface hardening, color and shape are ideal.

 Freeze-dried coffee

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