Freeze Dried Cheese

Cheese is a key ingredient that many of us have difficulty doing without it. But unfortunately, the kind of cheese we tend to buy from the grocery store isn't made for long-term storage. This is a significant problem for those who like to take it away for a long trip.

Luckily, with the development of science, it has given us freeze-dried cheese to solve this problem! It may look pricey, the fact that it tastes and melts exactly like fresh cheese when freeze drying.

What is freeze dried cheese?

Freeze-dried cheese is the cheese that has been passed through a freeze-drying machine. It's usually shredded (or cubed) and lightweight because all the moisture has been removed. Freeze-dried cheese will retain the same taste and texture as fresh cheese once it's been freeze dried.

How to Freeze Dry Cheese?

First, you can spread these out evenly on the freeze-drying tray and pre-freeze. Pre-freezing is optional but works well.

It takes a freeze dryer around 20 hours to complete a cycle when freeze-drying cheese.

Once the cycle is complete, for long term storage, seal the frozen dry cheese with a sealed bag.

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