Dicover the magic of freeze dried dragon fruit

Let’s learn together: Today we are introducing freeze-dried dragon fruit.

First of all, everyone knows that dragon fruit pulp contains cyanins and rich vitamins and minerals, which are rare in other fruits and are widely sought after by people.


However, post-harvest treatment and deep processing are ignored. Moreover, its storage and freshness period is relatively short, and the fruit begins to soften a few days after harvesting, causing some of my country's dragon fruit to deteriorate during the postharvest circulation process, causing serious losses.

freeze drying machine

The dragon fruit dried using freeze-dryingtechnology by freeze dryer or freeze drying machine has bright color, full volume and crisp texture. The key is that this drying method does not add any additives, pigments, and can better retain nutrients will not be lost due to the drying process.

freeze dryer

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