Application of freeze-drying equipment


Food Freeze-drying

Freeze-drying equipment is used in the food processing industry to remove moisture from food and make freeze-dried products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. Freeze-dried food maintains its original flavor and nutrition, and has the advantages of long-term preservation and convenient consumption.


Medicine Freeze-drying

Freeze-drying equipment is used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare freeze-dried medicine preparations. The medicine solution or suspension is frozen and vacuum-dried to produce freeze-dried drugs. Lyophilized medicines have the characteristics of long-term stability and easy storage and transportation.


Biological Freeze-drying

Freeze-drying equipment is widely used in the fields of bioengineering and life sciences for the preparation and storage of freeze-dried cells, bacteria, enzymes, antibodies, vaccines and other biological products. Lyophilized biological products can maintain their activity, stability and long-term storage.

Products produced by freeze-drying equipment have the following benefits:


Maintain original characteristics

Freeze-drying equipment freezes food or medicines during the dehydration process and removes moisture through sublimation, thereby maintaining the original characteristics of the product, such as original flavor, texture, color and nutritional content.


Long-term storage

By removing moisture, freeze-dried products can be stored for long periods of time without losing quality and effectiveness. The low moisture content of freeze-dried products prevents microbial growth and oxidation reactions.


Easy to carry and store


Freeze-dried products are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry. Its long shelf life makes the product easy to store and manage.


Good sulobility and recovery

Lyophilized products are easy to dissolve and recover, and can be restored to their original state by simply adding an appropriate amount of water or other solvents.


Retain active ingredients

The freeze-drying equipment uses low temperature and vacuum conditions during the dehydration process, which can retain the active ingredients in the product to the maximum extent, such as enzymes, cells and medicines.

Freeze dryer for food

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