Advantages of freeze-dried products

Vacuum freeze drying freezes a substance containing a large amount of water into a solid by pre-cooling it. Then the water vapor is directly sublimated from the solid under vacuum conditions, so it does not change in volume after drying, and becomes loose, porous, and has good rehydration performance. Freeze-dried vegetables or food, its biggest feature is to retain the product's color,, taste, shape and nutrients of the original ecological food, also known as aerospace food, is today's natural, green, safe and convenient nutritious food.

Freeze-dried wolfberry is a high-tech green food that has gradually become popular in recent years. Compared with ordinary dried wolfberry, freeze-dried wolfberry preserves the original color, taste, nutrients and original rosy and full appearance of fresh wolfberry during processing, has good rehydration, and does not contain any additives. It is an ideal natural health care product.

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