3 sets of LG200 freeze drying equipment were successfully sent to the United States.

On the evening of May 27th, in the afterglow of sunset, 3 sets of LG200 freeze-drying equipment produced by our company were successfully sent to the United States.

freeze dryer


With the development of the pet industry, pet owners pay more and more attention to pet food, which is natural, healthy, nutritious and safe. Freeze-dried pet food can well meet this demand.

 freeze drying equipment

Pet freeze-dried food is a kind of vacuum freeze-dried technology, carried out at low temperature, so the color and nutrition of the food is maximized, and the taste of the food is maintained to the maximum, without adding preservatives and additives, which is more conducive to the consumption and absorption of pets.

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As part of the water has been removed in the process of freeze-drying, freeze-dried pet food has a long shelf life, convenient preservation, and easy to carry out, ready to eat.


Freeze-dried pet food is popular among pet owners for the simple reason that it is nutritious and fresh. Perhaps in the near future, freeze-dried pet food will become the mainstream pet food, our company is riding the trend, to provide safe, healthy, delicious freeze-dried food, become the majority of pet people's first choice and peace of mind.

freeze dryer

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