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Xinyang large vacuum freeze dryers plant for pet foods

Xinyang freeze dryer is widely used in the production of pet food

There are many types of freeze-dried pet food products, mainly including freeze-dried pet food and freeze-dried pet snacks, among which freeze-dried pet food is the mainstream product in the market. Freeze-dried pet food products include freeze-dried chicken, freeze-dried beef, freeze-dried duck down, freeze-dried small fish, freeze-dried quail, freeze-dried meal substitute powder, etc. Europe and the United States and other countries of freeze-dried pet food market is now in a stage of rapid development, its proportion in the pet food market is rising, in contrast, smaller freeze-dried pet food market in China, the industry in product quality, production technology and brand construction and so on has certain promotion space, the future development potential freeze-dried pet food market in China.

Large freeze dryer

Why is pet freeze-dried food so popular?

Freeze-dried food is the abbreviation of vacuum freeze-dried food. Its production process is to freeze-dry frozen meat, fruits, vegetables and other food materials directly in a vacuum environment. The drying process of freeze-dried food is carried out at an ultra-low temperature, which takes about 24 hours. The ice crystal moisture inside will directly sublimate into gas without going through the process of melting into water. The moisture in the food is removed, and the nutrients inside are well retained. As the "fresh" in pet food, freeze-dried food is becoming more and more popular among pets.

Xinyang freeze dryerAdvantages of freeze-dried pet snacks 

Many pet owners may be busy at work, or sometimes too tired, and don’t want to make fresh meals for the fur children at home every day. Buying fresh meat to wash, cook, chop, and cool is certainly a good addition to pets, but there will be more types of freeze-dried food, and it only takes a few seconds to add water to make the Mao child eat fresh Delicious meat, pet freeze-dried snacks have many benefits, and there is no difference in taste. Pet snacks freeze-dried free the hands of pet owners!

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