Freeze drying machine for pet food

More and more customers choose our freeze dryers for pet food

As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the pet food includes: to dry chicken, duck, pork, mutton, fish, such as series of pet snacks, pet wet food is given priority to with meat and fruit and vegetable collocation series, also gradually turned to the freeze-drying processing methods, such collocation between the freeze-dried high nutritional raw pet food, pet's life is more exciting.

Freeze drying machine

Pet food freeze dryers come into Gambol group

Gambol pet food group purchased six sets of LG200 freeze drying line (lyophilizer) for pet food from our company, we have finished installation and commissioning successfully, they started to product freeze dried pet food.

pet food freeze dryer

Prospect of freeze-dried pet food

In the 2016 American Petfood industry magazine, Petfood industry experts summarized the status of Petfood industry and predicted the future trend: freeze-dried, raw and fresh Petfood played an increasingly important role in the past few years, and the growth rate of high-end Petfood was twice that of the past 10 years. Freeze-dried pet food has maintained a continuous growth trend: in 2014, the annual growth rate of freeze-dried pet food market was 22.5%, and by 2015, the figure had jumped to 62.7%, with a total market share of 195.4 million us dollars, which exceeded 229 million us dollars in 2016.

pet food plantFreeze drying machine

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