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  • 2 sets of LG200 vacuum freeze dryers were shipped to the USA

2 sets of LG200 vacuum freeze dryers were shipped to the USA

We sent freeze dryers from Qingdao port to the USA, Due to the influence of COVID-19, shipping space cannot be booked at Dalian Port. Although the distance of transportation is long and the freight cost is increased, we still have to ship the goods on time without delaying the delivery date.

LG200 vacuum freeze dryer

What products do American customers use Xinyang freeze-drying equipment to process?

They plan to produce freeze dried all kinds berries, because there are many berries farms in the USA and Canada, In particular, blueberries and strawberries and cranberries are in abundant supply, which are ideal for freezing storage and for freeze-drying processing in large processing plants.

Freeze dryer shipment

The technical specifications of vacuum freeze dryers with large capacity

There are some models with large capacity that is bigger than 1500kg/batch for loading raw material, they are suitable for those need huge output capacity of freeze dried products. Such as fruit, vegetables, pet foods, etc.

In particular, the formation of large-scale industrialization of freeze-dried processing plants. Fully automatic pre-processing, product loading, quick-freezing, freeze-drying, dried product unloading, packaging and other advanced equipment, greatly save labor costs, thereby reducing the production cost of freeze-dried products.

Heating area (m2)125
Loading capacity (Kg/batch)1500300060002500500010000
Tray quantities (Pcs/batch)30060012004809601920
Trolley quantities (Pcs/batch)5102081632

Water condensation 

capacity (Kg/h)


Refrigeration capacity (Kw)

needed (T0=-40℃, Tk=+35℃)

Steam consumption (Kg/h)400680120069013002580
Rated power supply (Kw)5685
Heating mediaDeionized water
Heating modeDouble side radiation
Heating plates temperature Range (℃)Ambient temperature ~+120℃

vacuum freeze dryer

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