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  • 1500kg capacity LG125 vacuum freeze dryer has been shipped to Polish customer

1500kg capacity LG125 vacuum freeze dryer has been shipped to Polish customer

The 1st phase LG125 freeze dryer has been shipped to Poland.

A Polish freeze drying plant ordered three sets of vacuum freeze dryers for fruits lyophilization, Model: LG125, the loading capacity is 1500kg/batch for one freeze dryer, we have arranged shipment.

1500kg freeze dryer

Market positioning and freeze-drying equipment selection

More and more people are starting to choose and engage in the freeze-drying industry. How to correctly choose the direction of freeze-drying products is a bit confusing for those who are new to the industry. Not only do we need to do some market research, but we also need to have sufficient market contacts. At the same time, we need to keep a clear mind on the choice of freeze-drying equipment, because crude freeze-drying machines are always impacting the entire freeze-drying industry. In order to better control investment, recover costs as soon as possible and create greater benefits, it is especially important to choose high-quality equipment.

vacuum freeze dryer

The status of freeze dried fruits in the minds of consumers

Freeze-dried fruit is currently one of the most popular freeze-dried products on the international market, because freeze-dried fruit can be eaten immediately, is convenient to carry, and can completely guarantee the taste and nutrition of the fruit without loss.

freeze dryer shipment

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